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Weekday Minyanim

Weekday Minyanim

Shaharit #1 6:45am
Shaharit #2 7:30am
Shaharit #3 8:15am
Minha/Arbit 6:45pm

Friday Minha

Friday Minha

Shir Ha’Shirim & Minha 6:30/6:45pm
Candle Lighting 7:21pm

Shabbat Shaharit

Shabbat Shaharit

First Minyan - Rabbi Setton - New Sanctuary 7:00am
Main Minyan - Rabbi Kassin - Main Sanctuary 8:30am
PAC Minyan - Max Sutton - Midrash 8:45am
HS/Post HS Minyan - Rabbi Dana - Social Center 9:15am
Rabbi Kassin’s Halacha Class - Library 11:15am
Rabbi Setton’s Class for PAC Minyan Kids 11:15am
Pre-Minha Classes 6:00pm

Shabbat Minha

Shabbat Minha - Main Sanctuary 7:00pm
Shabbat Ends 8:20pm*

Simhat Torah Challenge

Welcome to Simhat Torah 2020 at the Magen David of West Deal synagogue! With safety in mind, we’re aiming to have another great year of celebration. This year, we’re introducing a Simhat Torah Challenge for the children, which will allow each child to qualify for an amazing candy bag that can be picked up at the synagogue this Friday, October 9th.

To qualify for a bag, each child in your family should follow these simple instructions:

  1. Find the video below that corresponds to your age/grade level, and watch the video.
  2. Create a video and record your answers to the questions listed below the video. Be sure to say your name, grade, and full answers. If you have any siblings that are 2-3 years old, please mention their names as well, so that we can have a Simhat Torah bag prepared for them also.
  3. Upload and send your video to Rabbi Hidary on WhatsApp: (718) 541-1240
  4. Arrive on Friday between 10:00am and 1:00pm to pick up your candy bag!


For 4-5 Year Olds

1. Name 2 of the 4 plants we hold on to on Sukkot.
2. What do the Aravot look like and what Mitzvah should we remember because of them?
3. What is the last day of Sukkot called? (Hint: the day we get candy bags!)

For Grades 1-2

1. What body parts are compared to the four species of the lulav?
2. What types of people are compared to the four species of the lulav?
3. What two lessons can we learn from the lulav?


For Grades 3-4

1. What are 2 explanations of how Hashem sat us in Sukkot in the desert?
2. What does צא מדירת קבע and שב בדירת עראי mean?
3. What does מצות עשה שהזמן גרמא mean?

For Grades 5-8

1. What are we remembering when we sit in the sukkah?
2. How are we supposed to be very happy on Sukkot if we are leaving our comfortable houses and sitting in a sukkah?
3. What are 3 small things in your life that you are thankful for?