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Weekday Minyanim

Weekday Minyanim

Shaharit #1 6:45am
Shaharit #2 7:30am
Shaharit #3 8:15am
Minha/Arbit 6:45pm

Friday Minha

Friday Minha

Shir Ha’Shirim & Minha 6:30/6:45pm
Candle Lighting 7:21pm

Shabbat Shaharit

Shabbat Shaharit

First Minyan - Rabbi Setton - New Sanctuary 7:00am
Main Minyan - Rabbi Kassin - Main Sanctuary 8:30am
PAC Minyan - Max Sutton - Midrash 8:45am
HS/Post HS Minyan - Rabbi Dana - Social Center 9:15am
Rabbi Kassin’s Halacha Class - Library 11:15am
Rabbi Setton’s Class for PAC Minyan Kids 11:15am
Pre-Minha Classes 6:00pm

Shabbat Minha

Shabbat Minha - Main Sanctuary 7:00pm
Shabbat Ends 8:20pm*


Yoseph’s Greatest Success: Ephraim and Menashe

Do you bless your sons on Friday night? Were you blessed by your father on Friday nights? For the past few hundred years, Jewish fathers have blessed their sons to be like Ephraim and …continue reading Yoseph’s Greatest Success: Ephraim and Menashe

The Power of The Community

Question: Why would a counting of males twenty years and older cause a plague, and how would the paying of the half-sheqel protect the people from this[1]? Perasha Content: Every …continue reading The Power of The Community

The Antidote to The Egel

They took to the streets, gathering in numbers and strength, shouting their demands at Aharon. They spoke at him saying: “Get up! Make for us an elohim[1]!” This was the …continue reading The Antidote to The Egel

Why Do We Count the Omer?

Rabbi Ezra Labaton ZS”L Who ever thought that counting could be a religious activity and therefore part of our “spiritual vocabulary.”  Yet here Torah teaches us that we must count …continue reading Why Do We Count the Omer?

Am Yisrael: A Model Government

Leaving Egypt Moshe filled the role of king, judiciary and priesthood. Throughout their journey, fulfilling the instruction of God, Moshe created three separate roles, the king, the court, and the …continue reading Am Yisrael: A Model Government

Torah, Revelation, & Natural Law

By Rabbi Ezra Labaton ZS”L Coming to Shavuot we should begin to appreciate the meaning of the word “Revelation.” We understand how this, once in world history, event shaped the …continue reading Torah, Revelation, & Natural Law