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Weekday Minyanim

Weekday Minyanim

Shaharit #1 6:45am
Shaharit #2 7:30am
Shaharit #3 8:15am
Minha/Arbit 6:45pm

Friday Minha

Friday Minha

Shir Ha’Shirim & Minha 6:30/6:45pm
Candle Lighting 7:21pm

Shabbat Shaharit

Shabbat Shaharit

First Minyan - Rabbi Setton - New Sanctuary 7:00am
Main Minyan - Rabbi Kassin - Main Sanctuary 8:30am
PAC Minyan - Max Sutton - Midrash 8:45am
HS/Post HS Minyan - Rabbi Dana - Social Center 9:15am
Rabbi Kassin’s Halacha Class - Library 11:15am
Rabbi Setton’s Class for PAC Minyan Kids 11:15am
Pre-Minha Classes 6:00pm

Shabbat Minha

Shabbat Minha - Main Sanctuary 7:00pm
Shabbat Ends 8:20pm*

About Us

Here in West Deal, I like to think of us all as one family. Throughout the year we have many amazing events like our “Be Nice to Mom weekends that include catered Friday night and Shabbat day meals, as well as some other out-of-the-box fun like the Yom Ha’Atzmaut Shakshuka Cookoff and Purim extravaganza, just to name a few…

The committee as a team strives to make sure everyone feels like this is their home – It can be for a couple of months in the summer or for all 12 months of the year. If anyone ever feels there is something lacking or out of place in regards to the Shul, they should know by now that myself and the entire committee are here to listen and help.

I’m sure if you’re reading this then you already know one of the key ingredients for making this Shul run is its volunteer work and cooperation of our community members. We are also blessed to have an amazing panel of Rabbis on board that can match up with any outlook you may have.

Another service we are pleased to offer year-round are things like our delicious breakfast we put out everyday (from what I hear, no other Shul comes close). We also have a wide variety of coffee or tea to your liking—with multiple types of creamers, milk, and sweeteners to fit every preference.

On Shabbat we have a plethora of minyanim to attend. First minyan run by Rabbi Setton has continued to grow year in and year out… His thought-provoking class with a full breakfast has provided for some amazing discussions thoughout the day for those who attend.

The main minyan with our Spiritual Leader Rabbi Saul Kassin and hazzan Shlomo Teherani offer a first-class minyan that rivals the best minyanim in the world. The beauty of the tefilah done by Shlomo and the words of inspiration from the Rabbi set you up for an amazing Shabbat every week!

PAC Minyan run by our team of Rabbi Laniado, Max Sutton, and David Tawil has been a bright spot for the Shul these past few years. The room is now filled to the brim with people due to the influx of  young families and children moving into the community year-round and during the summer. We continue to make sure that we have prizes to make every child happy week in and week out!

Last but certainly not least! The young adult minyan run by Rabbi Dana – These young men and women are the future leaders of our community and under Rabbi Dana’s tutelage they are gaining the building blocks to ensuring that they grow up with the proper midot and respect for not just one and other, but for themselves as well!

As you can tell by now,there is a lot going on here on a daily basis and I hope we make coming to Shul an enjoyable experience not just on Shabbat but every day of the week.

Looking forward to seeing you in West Deal Shul!

Eddie Cohen